The quality and Environment policy

The quality policy of the PIK Ltd.

Everyone in our company realize that we are completely dependent on our customers. Therefore, satisfaction of our customers is one of our primary objectives.

We want to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We are ready to fulfill customer´s needs as best we can and even their expectation overcome. Emphasis is placed on our long-term cooperation with the customer. The basis for cooperation is always the quality of the work in all areas of our activities with an emphasis on maintaining the reputation of our company.

The good relations with other trading partners are searched, building and developing long-term In addition to good customer relations.

Within the framework our activities, "Design & engineering activities in construction, supply of buildings, pipe distributions and technological equipment for the storage and handling of oil products, service of petrol stations PMH" we place emphasis on the development of the contract in time according to the contract work, or according to customer order. The work is always carried out in accordance with applicable technical regulations with regard to
compliance with regulations of environmental.

Our company purposefully building a position of good facilities and opportunities for self-fulfillment for its employees. Employees are equipping of necessary resources and freedom of decision-making within their powers of which are expected to utilize their capabilities to the benefit of company and thus our customers. Of course there is the creation and improvement of a good working environment.

We use the opportunity for permanent improvement of effectiveness and efficiency in all areas of our company. We recognize the advantages of maintaining goodwill in our region by both customers and business partners and the general public through the provision of sponsorship donations to good causes, sport and culture.


Environmental Policy

PIK Company Ltd. based in Prerov provides design and engineering work in construction, with a focus on supply of buildings, pipe distributions and technological equipment for the storage and handling of oil products and service petrol stations PHM.

This policy is intended for company employees and external contractors who work for the company. The Company agrees that in its activities to protect the environment, conserve natural resources and to listen carefully to the legitimate requests of interested parties.


The company is committed to:

  • to comply with all applicable provisions of the legislation (laws, decrees, regulations) relating to the protection of the environment
  • seek to eliminate or minimize the negative impacts of its activities, products and services on the environment, the health of workers and residents around the company premises and buildings
  • from the position of senior executives to build a barrier-free communication, not to favor the economic aspects of environmental ago
  • reduce the energy intensity of activities and products (of products), and measure energy consumption
  • continuous and rigorous analysis of the consumption of raw materials and a focus on maximum utilization and minimize waste from technological processes and construction activities
  • using comprehensive training system for workers to increase their awareness and knowledge needed in environmental matters
  • cooperate with the relevant government authorities and interest groups in order to respect national and regional environmental policy
  • the fulfillment of the principle of sustainable development, with emphasis on the effective use and deployment of technologies and equipment for environmental-friendly. Building on the expertise, the potential threat from proposals for effective prevention of negative effects, including accidents and their consequences
  • the company is committed to continuous improvement in all areas of its activities related to the creation and protection of the environment